Guthrie Govan: interviewed by Luke Machin of The Tangent / Maschine

Interview with Guthrie Govan - from The Aristocrats - by Luke Machin of The Tangent / Maschine

Luke: Where do you see your musical endeavours going in the next 5 years or so?

Guthrie: Well, for one thing I certainly intend to make more solo albums. Also, the trio stuff I've been doing with Bryan and Marco is very much an ongoing “band” kind of a mission, as opposed to a “one-off” project, so you can definitely expect to hear more from the Aristocrats in the future…

Other than that, I really can’t predict what else I might get up to – I’m just taking things one note at a time I do get occasional invitations to participate in someone else’s musical project, and my standard policy where that stuff is concerned is simply to say “yes” to the things which I find musically interesting, and “no” to everything else. (Obviously, this approach makes little or no business sense, but the same could be said of the instrumental guitar genre as a whole, so… I’m no stranger to the concept of making commercially unviable decisions in the world of music!)