Miroist: Curve Kickstarter appeal for new album featuring stunning art work of A Curious Bestiary's Kaitlin Beckett

Miroist: Curve
Miroist - Curve [Full-length]
2014 - unknown
1. Hope for a long mean free path
2. Lumen suum reiecta
3. 29%
4. The closing of your eye
5. Are we leaden yet?
6. And symmetry has finally broken us
7. There is still time
8. An arcsecond among pioneers
9. It seemed so distant. It always was.

I am a solo progressive metal musician from London.  I am about to release my debut album entitled CURVE - a record written, recorded and produced entirely by myself.  I want to make the album release something special, for me and for everyone who has shown me love and I aim to do this by creating an excellent physical release, some new merchandise, and offering an exciting release experience.

The art was created by A Curious Bestiary - Art by Kaitlin Beckett, especially for CURVE.

The reality is, small bands struggle for money.  By struggle, we mean 'don't make any'.  Doing things as a solo artist makes funding things close to impossible.  Music is my art, and I give it away for free.  Merchandise and a physical release are ways to enhance my music and get it out to people - that's why I like doing it, and Miroist can become bigger and better through it.  However, though I can make music at home, merchandise has initial costs that are prohibitively expensive for a guy on his own.  I am unable to afford the initial merch costs - I need you.

I have put together the backer options you see on the right.  You will get something from each of these that you will only be able to get as a Kickstarter backer - from getting your name in the liner notes, to gaining access to an exclusive Google Hangout album listening session 2 days before the album is released!  With the exception of the 'T-Shirt Only' and 'Vinyl Only' offers, all bundles are incremental - you get everything that came before too!

Miroist's new two-track single '29%', available for free download exclusively from got-djent.com!
DOWNLOAD HERE: bit.ly/1lcQbeg

Both tracks on the single will also be featured on the upcoming full-length 'Curve', due for release on March 13th!

Support Miroist's crowdfunding campaign for merchandise and a vinyl release of 'Curve' on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/101790…needs-awesome-m

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