Adrian Galysh: Guitar Virtuoso's Best Tracks Get Stripped

Guitar Virtuoso Adrian Galysh’s Best Tracks Get Stripped

Los Angeles, CA, July 9, 2014 - Guitarist, composer, and session musician, Adrian Galysh, will release Stripped on September 2, 2014. Available as a digital download, Stripped includes 15 play-along tracks pulled from his last three solo releases. Taking the best parts of his albums King Friday, Earth Tones, and Tone Poet, this album strips away Galysh’s own lead guitar parts, leaving guitarists room to play their own leads over some of the most exciting tracks available.

“Being a guitar teacher for over 20 years, I know the benefit of wood shedding over play-along tracks. While jamming with other musicians is the best way to develop your musical vocabulary, sometimes that isn't always possible, and play along tracks are a great substitute.” Galysh continues, “Luckily with every album I've done, I’ve asked the engineer to mix a play along track version of select songs for me. These mixes would usually be used for solo performances and clinic situations, and are now available to everyone”.

Stripped gives guitarists the opportunity to improve their lead playing by letting the player practice and experiment with new techniques, scales, and arpeggios, wherever and when ever they want, making the most out of their practice time.

Track List:
Black Coffee
Green Eyed Lady
Lady Alaine
Just For Today
Earth Tones
Terrestrial Races
True Happiness
Defiance, Ohio
Ave Maria No Morro
Interstellar Cafe
La Dolce Vita
Tone Poet
Echoes of El Greco
Ur of the Chaldees
Spring (The Return)
Stripped will be available September 2nd, 2014 via as well as all major online music resources (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon).