Mike Kerr: The Truth of the Lion - new album avaialble

Mike Kerr
Good morning my friends! here are a few places where you can purchase my new CD wink emoticon

Please let me know what you thing! Have a great Sunday! MK — with Mike Kerr II.The Truth of the Lion
Mike Kerr

The Truth of the Lion (feat. Adrienne Cowan & Jimmy Oliveira) 4:23
Memories of the Past 3:33
45 Days of Summer 4:01
4 KKS 3:59
5 Dark Deep Hole 4:20
6 Wasted Years 3:33
7 Latino Breeze 4:22
The Love of Playing 2:51

Sold by Amazon Digital http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YTYFMOM/