Takayoshi Ohmura: Singapore ESP Guitar Clinic FULL

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Adam Cogan2 weeks ago
This is amazing but does the guitar/music sound out of time to one another? I think it might be the sound engineer adding extra delay to what was already there or maybe i'm just imagining things :P he's still a god though

jecoal1 week ago
Hi Adam, yes it was pretty out of sync as we couldn't get Ohmura's minus 1 tracks before he left Singapore, and it was recorded through direct channels so the initial sound was horrible, so I had to use his original tracks to mix in(which is slightly different in timing of 24fps from what I understand).

Sadly, the location didn't provide us with a mixer, so we could only record direct, if not the sound sync could be better.
Hopefully there will be another chance to provide Ohmura with a stage to play in Singapore again, and with better setup.

And the extra delay was probably my fault as I might have overmixed it in post. Hope you still like it though!
大村孝佳 Takayoshi Ohmura ESP Guitar Clinic FULL (Singapore)