NAMM: The Strandberg Collection NAMM 2017

Strandberg Guitars is committed to innovation and has a history dating back to 1982. Strandberg are based in Uppsala, Sweden and craft our instruments in by hand where “feel” is required and by CNC where precision is required. The .strandberg* brand represents ergonomics, playability, quality, innovation and design in an excellent sounding package. This years NAMM collection included a stunning new design in sea foam blue. The guitars continue to be headless, low weight design striking a perfect balance,removing weight from the headstock,making guitar very light and yet remain balanced.

In addition the designs feature The EndurNeck™, which is a patented neck profile that provides many benefits and sets it apart from normal radius necks: By utilizing flat surfaces rather than a round profile, it provides a more restful grip for the thumb. Your hand is much stronger when gripping something thick than when gripping something thin, and the EndurNeck™ uses this fact in its design.

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