Gianluca Ferro: A Hole In The Ocean Album Special now available from Jam Track Central

A Hole In The Ocean Album Special

Gianluca returns with an incredible brand new album 'A Hole In The Ocean' and a full video playthrough of his new track 'Lonely Among Us'.

Gianluca really brought his 'A game' with super heavy riffs, incredible solos, impeccable musicianship and bucket loads of creativity from all the players involved! This 14 track album is progressive, modern, heavy and fresh sounding, and you need it in your collection!

The 'album special' version of this package, which not only includes the full audio album but also comes with a full play through of the track 'Lonely Among Us', comes complete with video, audio, backing track, full TAB/notation and bonus track notes! This awesome track features some tricky tapping ideas, shifting accents to create metric dissonance, open intervals, combining arpeggios, chromatic ideas and some intense shred!

So what are you waiting for? There's an incredible album complete with an amazing video for you to learn and jam with. Hit that download button now, to get instant download access!

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Also, you can get the 'Lonely Among Us' product individually, available at the image below!

*NEW* Gianluca Ferro's Lonely Among Us (From 'A Hole In The Ocean') Available Now!