Vinai Trinateepakdee: Vinai T's 10 Smooth Solos!

10 Smooth Solos

Vinai T returns, bringing you 10 super smooth solos to learn and master! Tasteful, dynamic and full of expression, these solos will give you plenty of creative jazz and funk fusion soloing ideas that will add fresh inspiration to your own jams!

Vinai teamed up with Ronggowisnu (who created our Just Jam: Smooth package) in order to lay down the smoothest of solos over these 10 highly jammable backings! We're pulled two ways when we hear these tracks... On one side these super groovy solos make us want to just sit back, chill and enjoy the playing, but on the other side they have us reaching for the nearest guitar to jam along!

Throughout this package, Vinai solos over these really musical backings with ease, by making great use of target chord tones and a wise choice of scales including major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, lydian and dorian. He keeps things interesting by also throwing in some superlocrian, melodic minor and phrygian dominant scales as well as some tasty little chromatic ideas!

We've included everything you need to master these 10 full solos including audio tracks, backings, complete solo transcriptions and bonus track notes to help you understand Vinai's approach so that you can solo better over these awesome backings yourself!

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