Rob Guz: Night jam - The theme of Devil Take the Hindmost (A. Holdsworth)

Well, what can I say … After a really "dog day" at work, to finally come home and just … play – just for fun and as resting – this beautiful chords from this lovely Allan Holdsworth tune: Devil Take the Hindmost. *A smooth, gentle rubato-feel. Nice, slow and "breathing", Rob* … That tune was my favorite to play about 25 years ago in my and my twin-brothers A. H.-tribute band. I think that will be the case again :P , while starting up that tribute-band again soon after many years of slumber …

Just for fun, with a video-cam. … In this video I’m using a Digitech 2101 GSP Studio Tube Processor, one Allan Holdsworth Overdrive Boost-pedal and a Fender Twin Amp. That 11-stringed guitar in the video is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. That guitar was made by luthiers on my commission and from my performance requirement. The tuning system, from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions: g 0,007, d 0,010, bb 0,013, f 0,018w, C 0,026, G 0,036, D 0,046, G 0,060, Eb 0,074, D 0,074, C 0,074.

Night jam: The theme of Devil Take the Hindmost (A. Holdsworth)