Allan Holdsworth: Non brewed condiment and Atavachron Frankfurt 1986

Gary Husband: Drums
Jimmy Johnson: Bass
Kei Akagi : Keyboard

Edited by Renato Sommexe, in this video recorded at frankfurt 1986 we have the chance to see Alan, Gary Husband on drums, Jimmy Johnson on Bass and the amazing extraordinary Key akagi on keys at the time using the best keyboards available, yamaha CP80 for pianos and Yamaha DX7 for synth sounds, sometimes stealing the scene showing a tremendous intimacy with alan's complicated compositions, some of them not featuring keyboards in the original recording, in others replacing the also magnificent Alan Pasqua a long term partner in alan's career. Key akagi also can be seen here at youtube on Miles Davis tour in a Kitaro Look due to the long hair. Also alike is his presence in one of Dimeola's 80's shows and you can hear his improvisations along with tavaglione's wind controller synth solos in gambale's alive album which I long to see one day in video also, if someone has it please get in touch, let's share.

Allan Holdsworth band playing "non brewed condiment" tune

Allan Holdsworth Atavachron