Dustin Behm, Sean Chiodo: Increate Void - progressive metal shred from Portland with Gianluca Ferro and Julian Cifuentes


1. Depths of R'lyeh 04:54
2. The Audient Void 05:24
3. Interstellar Displacement 03:54
4. Remembering the Future 04:45
5. The Crawling Chaos 05:57
6. Blind Idiot God 04:27

released February 3, 2017

Johannes Jans - Drums
Sean Chiodo - Rhythm Guitar
Zev Levine - Bass
Dustin Behm - Lead Guitar

Re-amping, Mixing, and Mastering by Jocke Skog
Guest solo on Depths of R'lyeh by Julian Cifuentes
Guest solo on The Crawling Chaos by Gianluca Ferro
Drums recorded at Wavelength Studios by Jason Carter
Cover art by Dustin Behm