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The Divine Battlecry - Claudio Pietronik |
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Here it is at last - the debut album from JTC artist Claudio Pietronik! You may be familiar with his incredible writing and playing styles from his catalogue of JTC releases but now he's focused all of that creative genius into an EPIC 10 track album that is going to knock you sideways! If you've been a fan of any of Claudio's previous JTC work then you're going to absolutely love this!

Right from the very first track Claudio will draw you in with suspense and anticipation. Then, over the the next 9 tracks he seriously delivers, combining epic, hard-hitting soundtrack style compositions with glorious melodies and absolutely screaming solos! The passion, excitement, emotion and creative work that's in these tracks is as inspiring as it is amazing!

Claudio's powerhouse abilities both as a guitar player and composer, are concise, refined and awe-inspiring. For a debut album this is BIG stuff - a bold statement and one that's going to stay in your 'Best Guitar Music' collection for an eternity!

Claudio says ''The Seed of Life' is a collection of ten tracks, a condensed reflection of the sensations and the experiences that mostly left a mark on me through my life. A mixed genre album that spreads widely through various sonorities, in which each song is like a different seed.'

The album special version (click the link above) comes complete with Video/Audio/Official Backing/TAB/Track Notes for 4 tracks '5th Dimension', 'Breathe To Be Free', 'The Divine Battlecry' and 'A Stream Of Emotions'.

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N.B - Cover Artwork by Simone Bertozzi. Photo by Matteo Ermeti. Mix, master and arrangements by Andrea Bana Anastasi.

The Divine Battlecry - Claudio Pietronik |