Daniele Raciti: Fred - Allan Holdsworth Tribute

A few days ago a truly legendary figure of the six strings has left us: Allan Holdsworth. The music community had some beautiful words for him and showed great solidarity with the family, contributing through a crowdfunding campaign to fundraising for funeral celebrations. There will probably also be a memorial in his name. I was thinking about how often (history teaches us) death is really close to "consecration" for an artist. Holdsworth's genius coexists with his freedom of thought, with the ability to immediately get rid of the patterns and dictates imposed by both the modern music teaching system and the music business. This meant that many of his merits were not acknowledged, or that he would often be stigmatized simply because the listener could not get the essence of his works.

The legacy of missing artists remains in the records. But what if we "keep alive them" by continuing to play their music besides listening to it?

This is my humble tribute to Fred.
Anyway everyone feel free to download the backing track and have a take on it. I guess Allan would appreciate it!

Fred - Allan Holdsworth Tribute

Allan Holdsworth - Fred (Backing Track)