Allan Holdsworth, Corrado Rustici, Michael Manring, Peter Vettese, Steve Smith: Deconstruction of a postmodern musician

Bringing my Holdsworth collection up to date, adding this album Deconstruction of a postmodern musician featuring an all star cast. Check out the solo work of Allan Holdsworth in the video

"Tantrum to blind" from Corrado Rustici's 2006 solo album "Deconstruction of a postmodern musician".

Allan Holdsworth: gtr (1st solo)
Corrado Rustici: gtr (2nd solo)
Peter Vettese: keys
Michael Manring: bass
Steve Smith: drs

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1 Eros 5:02
2 Rage and Dust (Feat. Elisa) 6:58
3 Lazarus Pain 5:27
4 Maledette stelle 5:21
5 Bodega Bay 4:20
6 Tantrum to Blind 4:49
7 Chiudi gli occhi (Feat. Ameba4) 7:13
8 Spirals of Light 5:27
9 Bridge of Floating Hearts 4:18
10 100 Famous Notes 6:09
11 ...and My Mind Became a Color 8:29
12 Stars of Cinnamon 2:19
13 Loud Cloud 1:36

Photos by Alberto Terrile ©2006