Bob Katsionis: Prognosis & Synopsis

Prognosis & Synopsis
by Bob Katsionis

1.Prognosis 04:00
2.Secret Of The Nomads 04:00
3.Tomorrow Starts Today 04:30
4.Dark Matter 04:00 video
5.Asymmetric Parallels 04:10
6.Aegean Sunset 04:02
7.The Messenger 04:55
8.Cold Embrace 05:00
9.Amnesia 05:00
10.Synopsis 06:00
*This album will NOT be available on iTunes, Spotify etc. for streaming*

"Prognosis & Synopsis" is the 5th solo album of musician/producer Bob Katsionis. The title makes a statement for the music itself; Acts both as a "Synopsis"(summary) of his career and art so far, while it makes a "Prognosis" (prediction) of where Bob's music will be in the near future.
released February 17, 2018

Produced & Mixed by Bob Katsionis
Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, Greece
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions.
All instruments played by Bob Katsionis
except drums by Vangelis Moraitis recorded at "The Van"
Artwork by Aurelien Police