Giulia Marta Vallar: Pantera A New Level & Special announcement

After graduating from Musicians Institute Hollywood with 3 scholarships, top marks and laude, IT'D BE A CAREER DREAM TO BE ABLE TO STUDY SOME MORE there. If you feel like helping me with even a super small donation at, you'd change my life! Just click on 'Become a Patreon' and pledge as much as you would. Also! Whoever donates anything will receive a free digital copy of my new song Abracadabra, play-through available on my YouTube soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you all! Giulia

Pantera A New Level & Special announcement

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ABRACADABRA Original Music / Performance by Giulia Marta Vallar
Recorded by Andrew Ball
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ABRACADABRA Giulia Marta Vallar