Dave Dunsire: Improve Your Improv: Metal Series 1

Improve Your Improv: Metal Series 1
by Dave Dunsire

1.Thrash Em (180 bpm E minor) 04:12
2.Divide and Conquer (160 bpm B minor) 04:04
3.Aggressive (145 bpm A minor) 04:33
4.Epic Ballad ( 150 bpm C# minor) 07:47
5.Death March (230 bp Bbm minor) 03:45
6.Circle Pit ( 180 bpm B minor) 06:14
7.Spandex Jockey (145 bpm A minor) 04:39

Improve your solo writing and improvisation with Metal Series 1. My compilation of royalty free backing tracks crosses multiple genres giving you high quality and effective tracks to write with. Load these tracks into a DAW and write your own leads or even just to tighten up your skills. The purchase of these tracks help fund the making of my debut solo record in 2018 so thanks to all who support!
released February 11, 2018

Written and Recorded by Dave Dunsire

mprove Your Improv- Divide and Conquer (B minor 160 Bpm)

Improve Your Improv- Thrash Em (E Minor 180 Bpm)