Guthrie Govan: Supergroup trio The Aristocrats Euro tour dates


“Individually these guys are astonishing…together, this is the stuff of dreams"

[The Progressive Aspect]

Supergroup trio The Aristocrats, (comprising guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann) have just announced a European Tour. The tour takes place in September 2018 and will bring the band’s unique and unrivalled brand of instrumental rock/fusion to excited fans across Europe. These will be the only live shows from The Aristocrats in 2018 and they are destined to be memorable ones, with a unique set list stacked with gems - some hits, and some surprises - from their three mind-blowing studio albums.

The band are excited to get back on the road together. Guthrie Govan has deemed the announcement of this tour to be “A Most Pleasing Thing: it’s certainly been a little while since the last time the three of us made a loud, bewildering noise on stage together! Lately, each of us has been keeping thoroughly busy in a wide variety of different musical scenarios so I have a feeling that all manner of new influences and inspirations might start to reveal themselves spontaneously during these forthcoming Aristocrats shows… I’m really looking forward to hearing what happens!”

Over the last seven years The Aristocrats have toured the world and been greeted with wild enthusiasm and sold out shows. A reviewer for Heavy Mag in witnessed the band’s Melbourne show and commented that “it was very apparent that I was witnessing three artists at the top of their game…Most acts could not even begin to emulate the sense of authenticity that came from the stage”.

When it comes to the music, unpredictability is the name of the game. Bryan Beller said "I'm really looking forward to doing what we do best - getting out there and interacting live onstage, where anything can and does happen in a millisecond's notice, and songs can mutate in any direction at any time. And I'm especially excited to revisit some of the stuff we haven't played in a while, throw it back up in the air, toss it around a bit, and see what happens!"

The final word goes to Marco Minnemann, who noted that “You can’t predict or force chemistry. You just basically have to wait for it to fall from the sky. With the Aristocrats trio it surely did. When we plugged in and played for the very first time, it was instantly clear to us that something special was going on. It’s great to take this ‘musical threesome’ back on tour. Let’s see if our rubber animals feel like joining us, too (we’re talking about music here folks... just making sure...).”

Tour Dates

September 11th – Silema (Malta) – Teatru Salesjan
September 14th – Zurich (Switzerland) – Kaufleuten
September 15th – Esch Sur Alzette (Luxembourg) – Rockhal
September 16th – Zoetermeer (Netherlands) – De Boerderij
September 18th – London (UK) – Islington Assembly
September 19th – Paris (France) – Trabendo
September 21st – Madrid (Spain) – Sala Mon
September 22nd – Barcelona (Spain) – Sala Bikini

Full details of each confirmed show, with more dates being added in the near future, can be found on the Aristocrats website at: