Alessio Berlaffa: Electric Mist album teaser

It’s an 11 songs concept album based on the grandeur and majesty of nature where songs are tied together or gently flows into each other. From classic hard rock sounds to 80’s biting heavy metal sounds, through deep echoed clean ambient guitars and strat sounds with orchestral arrangements, it has 70’s progressive rock influences, real Hammond, AOR harmonies and even classical piano sounds:

it’s not the typical guitar oriented modern album.

Produced by Alessio Berlaffa
All songs composed & arranged by Alessio Berlaffa, guitars recorded 111 studio by Alessio and engineered at Blue Velvet studio by Andrea “Bernie” De Bernardi, assisted by Michele Giacomello
Drums engineered by Davide “Axel” Colombo at Diana studio Solbiate Olona except
Erik Tulissio recorded at Monodica studio Udine
Bass guitars engineered by Alessio Berlaffa at 111 studio
Alessandro Del Vecchio recorded at Ivory tears studio Somma Lombardo
Rob Balducci recorded at Blue Buddha studio in NY
Gianluca Ferro recorded at the Hidden studio Legnano

Additional programming & virtual instruments Andrea “Bernie” De Bernardi
Mixed & mastered at eleven mastering studio by Andrea “Bernie” De Bernardi

Overture: Into the mist
Big sky
Sunrise & sunset
Echoes of my land
Electric mist
As the river flows
Down to earth
Way to the sun
Electric rain

Musicians on the release:
Hammond: Alessandro Del Vecchio
Bass: Alberto Bollati, Gianni Cicogna, Nicola Angileri, Franco Avalli, Thomas plebani
Drums: Corrado Ciceri, Erik Tulissio, Sergio Pescara
Guest: Gianluca Ferro, Rob Balducci
11 musician (but me) as 11 are the tracks. I’ve made all guitars, keys, synths and…ukulele!


Alessio Berlaffa - Electric Mist album teaser