Paul Wardingham: Studio Teaser #3 - “biomech Mx-106”


Here's the 3rd studio teaser for Electromancer. A track called "Biomech MX-106".

"MX-106" is Electromancer’s kickass biomech security unit, but behind his awesomeness, lies a sad and dark story. He was once human and his brain has been implanted into his machine body. Events trigger memories from his past, but most of the time he is ready to fight to the death!

I wanted to write something low tuned and aggressive for ‘106’ but equally have moments of emotional depth that would reflect his past as a human. As a huge fan of Robocop, there was a lot of visual reference from that world and also anime like Ghost In The Shell and Appleseed to inspire the sound of this track.

It was a lot of fun mixing 8 string riffs with distorted synths in a way I had never done before. Hope you guys dig the teaser

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PAUL WARDINGHAM | Studio Teaser #3 - “Biomech MX-106”