Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons, Arielle: Zap ! Encore Dallas 2018

Sorry, battery died in middle.

Just onna my fave Guitar songs of all-time. Early EJ, but throw in the Timmonator and you really got it.

Really great EJ show, reprise of Ah Via Musicom album for second set with orig band members.
Sound by House of Blues relatively wretched for this show IMO, a way-overpriced joint here with marginal acoustics and engineering, unlike Granada and TREES. Pretty much an "arena" sound on this, which is a real shame for EJ's tone as EJ is a meticulous tone stalwart, but awesome performance start to finish, top-notch. VERY impressive, as always.......

Eric JOHNSON, ANDY Timmons, Arielle ZAP ! Encore Dallas 2018