Prashant Aswani: The Dunlop Booth - NAMM 2018

Winter NAMM 2018 delivered on its annual promise of gearheads, music aficionados, and top musicians for a four-day feast of exciting sights and sounds.

The crew at the Dunlop Booth were proud to play a part, and while we were there some very talented friends dropped by to sample some of Dunlop’s new gear for 2018—the MXR Sugar Drive, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay, the Way Huge Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz, Dunlop Strings, and more.

Guitarist and composer PRASHANT ASWANI has a diverse background of influences that range from Indian Classical music up through AC/DC and Malmsteen.

To learn more about Prashant please visit:

Very special thanks to companies that lended us their gear to use on our stage:
Bogner Amplification,
Mesa/Boogie Amps,
QSC Live Sound,
Supro Amps,
Aguilar Amplification,
Milkman Sound,
Genzler Amplification,

NAMM 2018 | Prashant Aswani Live At The Dunlop Booth