Vincenzo Avallone, Kirill Konyaev: Phantom Singularity

Phantom Singularity
by Vincenzo Avallone

1.Intro + Tau Ceti 03:112.2097 04:47
3.Solaris ft. Kirill Konyaev 04:36
4.Supersimmetry ft. John Galanakis 04:41
5.Phantom Singularity ft. Ruan C. Elias 04:14
6.Operation Black Scythe ft. Georgia Damigou 02:10
7.Digital Innocence 04:25
8.Through The Great Beyond 05:02
9.Elara 03:44
10.Trascendence ft. Sasha Garcia 04:36
11.Zenith 02:46
12.BONUS: Escape Velocity 2.0 04:25

released March 1, 2018

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A special thanks goes to my friends around the world who helped me making this album as well as guest artist who kindly accepted to play over it :D

Guest Artists:

Kirill Konyaev - Guitar Solo on Solaris
John Galanakis - Synth solo on Supersimmetry
Georgia Damigou - Co-orchestration on Operation Black Scythe and Trascendence
Ruan C. Elias - Vocals on Phantom Singularity
Sasha Garcia - Guitar solo on Trascendence

Composed,Performed,Mixed,Mastered and Produced by Vincenzo Avallone at Deep Water Recordings in 2015/2018.

Additional thanks to Miriam Bissanti,Marina Pastore and all my friends who helped me putting names to the songs and lent me their opinions.

Artwork by Simone Pietroforte.