Archtangent: Day Splits and more to be announced

G'day Summer lovers

Even more great news from your pals at ATG HQ! Not only have we lovingly crafted a day splits poster so you can plan your ATG weekender (see below), we've got another ridiculous band coming your way tomorrow at 9am! Say what???

With tickets absolutely flying this year we simply couldn't risk waiting to announce this band till the end of the month as planned... Otherwise there may not be any tickets left for their fans... So as a result we're rushing them out tomorrow. Eeeep!

All will be revealed tomorrow at 9am. All we can say is they'll be playing Friday night just before Battles & we're super psyched to have them on this already ripsnorting line up poster. Whoop whooop!


Check out the day splits poster & let us know on Facebook which day's your day. Much love amigos x