Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Creative Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises

Description: In part two (2 of 3) of this "Creative Warm-Ups and Technical Exercises" guitar masterclass series, acclaimed guitarist, educator and author Gustavo Assis-Brasil shows you how to improve your technique while making music. Gustavo brings you through a series of drills that will strengthen both of your hands as well as add to your vocabulary. If you're looking to work on your guitar technique in a musical way, this guitar masterclass series is for you. NOTE: There is an optional PDF which includes the embedded notation seen in all 3 videos from this series. It is included in the DISCOUNTED BUNDLE AVAILABLE HERE or it can be purchased separately.

Topics Covered: Guitar, warm-ups, technique, alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, legato technique, left hand, right hand, musical exercises, changing directions, technical loops, warm up lines, inside-outside lines, etc.

Gustavo Assis-Brasil - Creative Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises 2

Gustavo Assis-Brasil - Creative Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises 3