Brad Bradbury: B Minor Backing Track Pink Floyd/Steven Wilson Style and Menacing Harmonic Minor

Brad Bradbury back in town, after a short illness, glad he's back on his feet again. A new backing track and classy solo. Please like and subscribe

BT starts at 2:32
This backing track in B minor has a floating laid back feel reminiscent of tracks by Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson. It moves from B minor to E minor and back and is a great jam track to work on your B minor pentatonic licks, as this scale works well over both chords.

If you want to experiment further then try B Dorian mode over section A,(B minor) and B Aeolian mode over section B,(E minor). The great thing with this approach is that there is only one note difference between the two scales, G#(Dorian) to G(Aeolian), you can see how this works on the guitar using the diagrams as the backing track plays.

B Minor Backing Track Pink Floyd/Steven Wilson Style

I`m seeing pyramids being built when I listen to this backing track.

I put this jam track together so I could work on the harmonic minor scale in a heavy metal/ neoclassical style style. This is a very atmospheric scale and is also great for working out alternate picking runs. Don`t forget to try bending different notes in the scale they can work well too.

The notes are G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F#, G

The diagrams will give you some help here.

As always have fun.

Menacing Harmonic Minor Backing Track In G Minor