Dean Wells: Teramaze - Weight Of Humanity

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Dean Wells-Guitars / vocals
Brett Rerekura- Vocals
Jonah Weingarten- keys
Andrew Cameron -Bass
Nick Ross- drums

Lyric video for Weight Of Humanity from Termaze's new album Are We Soldiers, which is scheduled to be released by Mascot Records on June 21.

"Weight of humanity was one of the first songs we wrote for this album" Dean Wells says "and I really believe it captures the true essence of what teramaze is artistically and lyrically.
The song touches on the pressures of living in our times and what we choose to believe and accept what is true or lies.
It’s one of my favourite songs from the album and Wayne did an amazing job of creating something visually stimulating that blends well with the theme of the song."

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Teramaze - Weight Of Humanity (Official Lyric Video)