Tramaine Jonathan: Starscream - Tramaine - 'heavy Balance' - Boat loads of classy guitar

With deadly impact - Star Scream, the first track from ‘Heavy Balance’ begins the experience. Amalgamating futuristic Synthwave / Cyberpunk style rhythms with resolute melody throughout.

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“Throughout Heavy Balance, I have put my efforts in all aspects of playing, and finding that perfect balance for each track between techniques. Satriani style articulation, Steve Vai inspired motion with Michael Angelo Batio precision to my best, humble efforts. “ - Tramaine

“In this, Tramaine has treasured the lesson of a great designer of the modern heavy rock guitar, For lovers of the genre, this is an unmissable cd. “ - Axe Magazine

“Song per song, just as you’re drawn in, they get you! The scariest take-away here is that this is his FIRST album. Watch out for Tramaine. We have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon.” -

“Thank you, to everybody who has supported this production in all the ways it has been supported. Whether you have purchased anything from platforms, my online store, or simply streamed, and shared. Each one of those actions I am extremely grateful for. Let’s not only get ‘Heavy Balance’ recognised, but instrumental guitar music in general, where it should be (Everywhere!) by liking, sharing and commenting as much as you can, to give the talent within this genre, the well deserved exposure. These simple actions will then result in more productions of the music you love, better quality productions of the music you love, the financial support for you to see your favourite artist live, wherever you are in the world, and most of all, the combined result of all that, inspiring others. The best wishes to you all” - Tramaine

Tramaine exclusively uses Ibanez guitars, D’Addario strings, DiMarzio and EMG pickups, and The Kemper Profiling Amplifier throughout the production of ‘Heavy Balance’.

Credits -

Composed and Performed by - Tramaine
Co-produced - Alex Argento
Mixed and Mastered - Alex Argento
Additional Arrangements - Julian Hobbs, Alex Argento
Artwork - Alex Argento
Video Production - Enrico Zavatta

Star Scream - Tramaine - 'heavy Balance' [official Stream]

Tramainedous - Tramaine (Ibanez RG8)