Andy Wood, Ben Eller: "Smokewagon" Live Suhr Trio Sessions

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Hey guys! Uncle Ben back again with the 2nd installment of the Suhr Sessions that i did with Andy Wood Trio earlier this year. This series showcases some of the finest cuts from Wood's new album "Junktown" all recorded live and stripped-down in the studio, no overdubs, no punch-ins, nothing! What ya see is what ya get. Played standing up, no less.

This track is called Smokewagon, and it was written with the classic Western "Tombstone" in mind. This song has some really cool chord changes and modulations in it that are always fun to hear Andy play over. Plenty of smokin' hot chicken pickin' action in this one, too!

Andy is playing his signature model Suhr T into his board (featuring effects by Wampler, TC Electronic, and more), into a Suhr Hedgehog, into the new Suhr RL/IR box, which allows for mic-free direct recording using a variety of different preloaded IR's. I have one too, and it's AMAZING and easy to use!

I'm playing my Suhr J Classic bass into the TC Electronic Spectra Drive bass preamp, which is a fantastic little box. Love it.

Julian is playing drums and cymbals with sticks. They sound great!

I will be posting several more videos from these sessions, so be sure to scope them out! Thanks for watching!

Uncle Ben + Andy Wood "Smokewagon" Live Suhr Trio Sessions