Sam Bell, Jen Ascending, Lee Luland, George Constantine Kratsas, Serga Kasinec: Riff Bros: Vol. 4 || 18 Guitarists in One Video

Hello guys!
I’m excited to present the fourth volume of Riff Bros!
Don’t look for much sense in it for it is a friendly collaboration of people who share a common passion for music 🎸

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Thanks to all the participants for making it possible. You are awesome!

Special thanks to Serga Kasinec for making the logo and the main video.
If you like this video, put the thumbs up and leave a comment in the section below. How do you feel about one more part? Stay tuned!

✅ Would you like to be a part of it?
You can send us your portfolio. Every applicant should have decent playing skills, audio and video quality. Your portfolio can be sent to
We will consider your application and respond as soon as possible 😊

Here are our awesome participants:
1. Dan McNally
2. Arsafes
3. Sam Bell
4. Nemoyband
5. Filippo Rosati
6. Vitaly Shemetovets
7. K.I.R.
8. Jen Ascending
9. Serga Kasinec
10. Iamamvp
11. Tobi Morelli - Archspire
12. Gabriel Borza
13. Andras Szvirida
14. MaxHope
15. George Constantine Kratsas
16. Lee Luland
17. Alex Silkin
18. noah

Best regards,
K.I.R. & Serga || Riff Bros’ Team
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Riff Bros: Vol. 4 || 18 Guitarists in One Video