Fredrik Thordendal: Builds An Analog Axe FX | Rig Reactions

We’re proud to present a very special project:

Fredrik Thordendal, founder and mastermind behind Meshuggah, was driven by a vision of his own studio where he could record his long-planned solo album. He contacted us with his requirements – and boy, were they specific. Not only did Fredrik have extremely exacting requirements concerning signal quality; what mainly made the project exceptional is the type of signalling he wanted.

Fredrik envisaged 4 Ampete 88S Studio switching systems permanently connecting 32 all-tube tops and 32 speakers, instantly ready for recording at the touch of a button – theoretically in 1024 different combinations. But there was more. He wanted all the FX loops in the amps to be controlled by switching systems.

Current status:
KLOTZ duly shipped >700m AC110SW instrument cable, >600m LY230 Rockmaster speaker cable, >500 KLOTZ and Neutrik connectors to Fredrik for installation. In addition, >120 premade custom LaGrange cables plus >120 custom Bantam and DB25s were made to Fredrik’s orders and installed. This combination is absolutely unique, with nothing like it anywhere in the world! But the project is far from over – we've just had a further email from Sweden…

All in all, this combination is probably unique worldwide! We will keep you updated

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Fredrik Thordendal Builds An Analog Axe FX | Rig Reactions

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