Andy Wood: How to alternate pick odd note groupings.

Hello Music lovers! Welcome to my new series "The Woodshed"! In episode 1 I breakdown the guitar lick I used on Angel Vivaldi's Australian brush fire fundraiser charity stream. During the stream Angel asked me to teach a picking approach to help improve alternate picking. This focuses on inside/outside picking in odd note groupings and how to improve control and accuracy as you travel through the strings. This type of odd note grouped pentatonics can be heard in all kinds of modern players. I hope you enjoy the first episode, make sure to leave your feedback. Most importantly, let me know in the comments what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. For more of my content jump over to iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your music and scope out my albums.

Andy Wood Guitar lesson series "The Woodshed Episode 1" How to alternate pick odd note groupings.

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