Jesse Zuretti: STL Tones Will Putney Guitar Playthrough + Aristides 070

STL Tones made probably the best guitar plugin I've heard in ages when they released their most recent Will Putney plugin. I really enjoy the Andy James and Howard Benson plugins too. Will Putney and I go way back together to maybe 2004 when he was just playing in bands local to us when I lived in NJ, and now he's the most in-demand metal producer in the United States (if not World). Very proud of his accomplishments. I really wanted to nail a Cult of Luna/Thrice kind of vibe with this one. I mostly used the neck and middle pickup in my Aristides 070, which are both Bare Knuckle Slow Hand single coils.

Will Putney STL Tones Amp:

What you're hearing: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3, Aristides 070 Guitar with a Bareknuckle Juggernaut bridge pickup, STL Will Putney amp vst direct into the interface, Ernie Ball Paradigm strings gauged 12-72, Fabfilter plugins for mastering and mixing, Eurobass vst for bass.

Jesse plays Aristides Guitars, Bareknuckle Pickups, Ernie Ball Strings & Picks, Toontrack, Eventide, Positive Grid, Hipshot Products

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STL Tones Will Putney Guitar Playthrough by Jesse Zuretti + Aristides 070 (Prog Rock/Post Metal)

Marvel Venom Influenced Guitar Playthrough by Jesse Zuretti + Aristides 070 + Toontrack Superior 3