Vladimir Pocorschi: "The Failure of Modern Man"

"The Failure of Modern Man"
(I. The Warning / II. The Downfall / III. The Light)

Music & Lyrics by Vladimir Pocorschi
Additional keyboards : Catalin Tuta-Popescu
Produced, Performed & Mixed by Vladimir Pocorschi

The original demo for this song was put together almost four years ago with Cristi Dumitrescu ( a great musical friend and an amazing drummer )
Unfortunately, we never got around to finish it, so i decided to dust it off ,give it a proper musical treatment and complete the songwriting and arrangement.
It turned out quite different from what it was originally intended but I'm really happy and proud with the way it came out. It is a whole new world and definitely a better song.
Hope you enjoy it...

Vladimir Pocorschi - "The Failure of Modern Man"