Brev Sullivan: simple method to help improve your improv

This is a simple method to help improve your improv. Rock guitarists using this simple technique can make huge gains in developing more well rounded guitar solos. I teach this method at the the Young Musicians Camp University of Miami to rock students who need a simple gateway to jazz type improv. Combine the 2 methods. Shred scales between finding the note jazz improv style and double your solo vocabulary. The slow groove in this vid is a simple A minor to C maj chord. Try playing licks starting on different notes of the scale. Enjoy the lesson! Thanks!
In this vid I'm using: DV Mark amps. Kiesel Aries Guitar, Spectraflex Cables. Logic Pro Software, and Beat Buddy Singular Sound Aeros looper for Backing Loop.
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Jazz secrets for rock guitarists. Improve your Improv!