Dushan Svilokos: A|symmetry - Towards Utopia solo

Yuki wasn't really into shredding that day and he even used his teeth a little bit to convey the message. I decided to include the meow take along the regular one :)

This is a guest solo I played for my friends from a progressive metal band Asymmetry. The song is featured on their album Fragility.

This one was fun! Song harmony suggested harmonic minor for the solo, but I felt it was too obvious choice, and managed to squeeze some Lydian in there. I also included a small tribute to one of my favorite guitarists. :)

Ovaj solo je u originalu odsviran na pesmi Towards Utopia mojih prijatelja, prog metal benda Asymmetry. Moj mačak Yuki je malo odmagao tokom snimanja kao što je i red, pa sam u video ubacio i jedan pokušaj sviranja sa njim :)

A|symmetry - Towards Utopia (Guest Guitar Solo)