Tomasz Andrzejewski: I've All I Need

"I've All I Need" is a simple music video designed to promote T.A.G COVID-7 Headless Guitar.

This song is a variation inspired by the song "I Want More" from the album "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" Tom Andrews.

T.A.G COVID-7 Headless Guitar.
Body: Mahogany, Neck: Maple, Fretboard: Palisander, Neck profile: C-Shred 7, Frets: 24 medium , Nut: Graphite, Pickups: 2 Bare Knuckle BOOT CAMP TRUE GRIT, Colour: Natural

"I've All I Need" - Tom Andrews (Tomasz Andrzejewski) T.A.G "COVID-7" Headless Guitar.