Paul Wardingham: 'Rise of The Horde' (official Guitar Play-Through)

Guitar play-through of ’Rise of The Horde’, from my new instrumental metal guitar album "Day Zero: Rise Of The Horde" OUT NOW!

Paul Wardingham’s 5th solo album and 3rd story concept album, ‘Day Zero: Rise Of The Horde’, brings together his love of post-apocalyptic movies and winter, in this Mad Max meets Resident Evil inspired futuristic thrash metal thriller.

The first in a two album series, “DZ1” introduces us to an alternate reality earth set in a perpetual winter, with the vast majority of the population, infected with a rage virus. The few remaining survivors, habit the far northern regions of the planet. Regions too cold for the infected to survive, until now!

Only one man can save humanity from the rise of the horde…. and a new evil that has emerged from the whiteout. His name is….Wirehead!