Tony De Gruttola: fusion crazy funk

Tony De Gruttola and a great new track, nuvole mp3

and another video... slightly late posting...This one is ive in Turin:Tony De Gruttola,Stefano Incani,Beppe D'Angelo,Gualtiero Marangoni

Tony De Gruttola Band

Lots of video now that Tony De Gruttola is on MySpace:

Just Kidding

No True

Down Like Hail

Blue Shuffle

You can buy Tony De Gruttola's 03 CD from guitar9.

Tony was born in the city of the world famous city of Turin in 1974. He started playing guitar at the age of 14. He went on to study and get aa diploma from CPM in Milan.

He has been a guitar instructor and teacher taking four courses at CPM.

He has also opened concerts for Europe, Living Colour, Ritchie Kotzen, Carl Verheyen.