Pop Voravit: warp speed ahead

Pop Voravit

Pop Voravit is the guitar player for the band Rancorous. They was formed in 2001. They're one of the band that always have a good feedback from the fans. Rancorous is now the front-line Melodic Death Metal saviors from Thailand, who bring the fast , fierce and aggressive music storm, which completely blended Death Metal , Black Metal and Neo-classical music to all fans.

They are also on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/rancorousmetal

more top playing

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Pop Waravit delivers more frightening guitar:

Uncompassionate fighting

the beginning of sentiment

Lots of video on YouTube from Geeguitarz

speed guitar

speed guitar 2

speed guitar 3

More proof that there is still truthinshredding to be found all over the world...I have still to find the full background details...Pop Voravit plays with band Rancorous...anyone like to help out by expanding the detail?