Eric Vandenberg: canyon of spirits

Lots of video of Eric Vandenberg playing his instrumental music, created for either his blog or,

Eric Vandenberg "Dreamer"

Eric Vandenberg "You Complete Me" live

Eric Vandenberg Band "Make A Noize" live

Eric Vandenberg Band "Canyon Of Spirits"

Eric Vandenberg jamming

Eric Vandenberg jamming 2

Eric Vandenberg is on MySpace:
A new Jemfest video from Germany is available of Eric playing (rm) and talking about guitar.

Eric began playing guitar from the age of 10 years old, and soon devoted all his time and energy to the guitar.

He attend the Musician´s Institute where, like Magnus Olsson, he had lessons from Scott Henderson, Dan Gilbert and Brett Garsed.

As a result of his studies he now concentrates on expressing himself with out the need to resort to over the top guitar tricks. He is also able to write, perform songs in many different styles from hard rock / metal to pop, from country to fusion. Eric also plays live, writes instructional material for

Some of his early influencences include: Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour and Joe Satriani. He has also absorbed alot from players like: Steve Morse, Andy Timmons, Brett Garsed, Greg Howe and Paul Gilbert.

Check out his web site for good examples of his music, including video's and his recent