Phi Yaan Zek: cosmic monstrositor returns

Phi Yaan Zek releases Anomalies available from guitar9. Prepare yourself for a crazy guitar-driven whirlwind tour through mystical prog rock, demented jazz metal, flipped-out fusion, otherworldly odd-meter electronica, hyper-shred freakout solos, evocative ethno-flavours and psychedelic soundscapes! This is the long-awaited re-release of Phi Yaan-Zek's most eccentric second album Anomalies.

Newly remastered and remixed, this special 10th Anniversary edition features 3 bonus tunes not on the original release plus new artwork, photos and extensive liner notes all packaged in a full colour 12 page booklet. Joining Phi on this fun and daring musical adventure is a line-up of exceptional musicians including ace UK drummer Andy Edwards (IQ, Neo, Frost), former Robert Plant bassist Mark Hartley and renowned piano/keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic, Electrocution 250, RHP). Throw Phi's explosive guitar playing and compositional prowess into the mix and you truly have a guitar instrumental album like no other

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I also had the great pleasure of remeeting long time friend Phi Yaan Zek at the London Guitar show. Phi and I met many years ago via correspondence and two guitar fanzines, gforce and shred power, finally meeeting at the vital inforamtion concert at Brecon jazz...handly caught on video...Uncle Franke Gambale alCaught in the Act.

shred senior gets excited about the solar flare CD.

Topics discussed, all too briefly, included his current work schedule. Phi said he's working on a number of releases at the moment, including a straight ahead rock vocal album, and a new double CD, rereleases of older material.(no mention of cosmic monstrositors I'm afraid...) He's just finished some recording work with Mike Kennealy in the US and with the drummer, Andy Edwards, from UK prog band IQ. Look for more information on releases in the third quarter of the year...or sooner If I find ou...Also discussed...along with the comparisons of the new Dr Who with the old Dr Who... were possible liquid note releases...but Matt Williams, also present, said any work is strictly hush hush at the this space?...I really must make some more time to talk to Phi and Matt in the coming months!

Phi Yaan Zek is currently just finishing off his new tune for The Alchemists 2, called: "The Puffball That Ate My Village". Phi will be joined by Chanan Hanspal.

Phi is also in the process of compiling the other artists on the upcoming release The Alchemists 2. It's a lot of hard work and Liquid Note Records are hoping for a third quarter release.

Another Essential Guitarist exclusive, read the very interesting Si Badaham interview with Phi Yaan Zek. It covers his early influences and time at AIM with Todd Duane, Milan Polak and Lale Larson.

Also read Phi's own account of the inspirations and tribulations involved in the Recording Of Worlds Beyond Cause

Phi's original new CD "Solar Flare" is available from guitar9 check it out now.


Phi is a very original player, not your normal shredder. He has an eclectic style which is reflective and passionate. Schooled at the American Institute of Music in Vienna, alongside some of todays most recognised players like Lale Larson, Todd Duane, Wayne Brasel, Conrad Schrenk and Milan Polak.

Phi is currently the resident composer for the forthcoming Wisdom of the Ancients visitor attraction.

He's recorded a number of solo CDs "Worlds Beyond Cause" and "Anomalies".

He is also the man that brought you "The Cosmic Monstrositors" (GFP Recordings 1994/ Cydonia Records 2000)

An instrumental overdose which feature: Todd Duane, Lale Larson, Milan Polak, Mario Parga and Dave Kilminster. (image courtesy of Lale Larson)

Phi was a featured artist on "Out In The Boonies" from "The Alchemists" (Liquid Note Records 2002).

He's has released "Solar Flare" which features Phi's unmistakable guitar charm and musical vision. The album also features Lale Larson and the enigmatic Ron Thal

Check out his web site for a full biography Most of all check out the audio clips from his new album and previous albums.