Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Ben Rod Electro Demo

http://www.benrod-electro.com This is such a sweet, clean and crisp sounding pedal. Is it a Clean Boost, an Overdrive, a Distortion or a Tonebender? Not really, but it's a little of everything. After years of research, Ben Rod developed the Goldbender to really "bend" your amp's tone and give you a huge sound without compromising bass frequencies. Go from sweet overdrive tones to all out fuzz-like squeals. I love this one! Grab one while you can..... Gear used: Univox Ripper VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers Shure SM57 Fuzzbox Cocktail- DiSaronno on the rocks
Goldbender Pedal by Ben Rod Electro Demo- Clean Boost, Overdrive, Distortion, Tonebender All In