Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Taurus Blues Overdrive

http://www.celestialeffects.com and http://www.potvinguitars.com I've included links to GMD and MartinMayo's demos of this pedal as well at the end of mine so that you can check out what else this puppy can do. Another kick ass pedal from Celestial Effects! And this time, it is an Overdrive.... that's right, not a fuzz today. This pedal is insanely versatile and would truly be an amazing addition to anyone's board. Sorry for hanging on the G chord for so long, but I just wanted to easily show you how this pedal colors and compliments your tone.
Gear Used:
Potvin Killer Bee
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM 57
Fuzzbox Cocktail- Apple-tini- 2 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. Apple Pucker Schnapps

Taurus Blues Overdrive Pedal by Celestial Effects Demo