Glen Drover: New album update and interviews

Glen Drover:
Lots of cool things to update you on here. We started work on the new GLEN DROVER BAND album recently, and have just finished the first track completly. This album will follow the last albums style, but will contain more metal stuff this time around. There wont be as many covers on this album, but one track that will be featured, is a cover of an instrumental song that OZZY OSBOURNE played on the Diary Of A Madman tour before Randy (Rhoads) died. it was never featured on any of the Ozzy albums, but can be found on various bootlegs from that tour. Its a really cool metal/classical piece that they played surrounding Tommy's drum solo. I extended the track and turned it into a full song. This is the track that we just finished and we are all super happy with the results!

Aside from that, I pretty much have all the material for this next album in various files in the studio here to work on. All tracks were written by myself, Jim Gilmour and Paul.Yee. Some killer shit going on, that I can promise!

Finally, there have been a lot of people asking me if there will ever be another Eidolon record, and although I don't see that happening, we are doing something cool with this new GDB album as far as Eidolon goes, which is aside from all the instrumental tracks that will be recorded for the album, I'm having all three past Eidolon singers do one track each for the album!

It's a mix of tracks that were written years ago, but hiding in the song archives in my studio until the other day... I was in one of my many cleaning moods, sorting through stuff and found these lost tracks. WHOA!!!! Very excited about this to say the least, as the tracks are killer!!

Also, there maybe a song from the original Seven Spirits album, fully re-recorded with new vocals and lyrics. The re-recording of that album has been in my head for years, as it is one of my fave albums musically. Not sure if that will ever happen, but grabbing a song or two and doing justice to it sounds good to me!

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