Alex Hutchings,Vladmir Maisiuk: Laney Iron and Lionheart!

Masterсlass Alex Hutchings in Minsk 5 November 2012 in Doodah King Club. - 1st part video . Jam-session Alex Hutchings and belorussian guitarists. Studio Maple Tree. 2-nd part of video

Jam-session musicians: Alex Hutchings (guitar), Vladmir Maisiuk (guitar), Sviatoslav Chernuho (drums), Andrey Shitkovez (bass guitar), Vladimir Tkachenko (guitar)

Studio Jam-session musicians: Vladimir Tkachenko (guitar), Alexander Kiss (guitar), Alex Hutchings (guitar), Pavel Triput (guitar), Vladmir Maisiuk (guitar).

Мusical equipment:

Laney Ironheart IRT 60-212
Laney Ironheart IRT 60 head + Laney IRT212 (cabinet)
Laney Lionheart LT20T

Alex Hutchings in Minsk 5 and 6 November 2012