Richie Kotzen, Steve Hackett, Jason Becker: iGuitar magazine issue 14

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Richie Kotzen - The Interview Stuart Bull meets one of America's finest guitar players, the former Mr. Big and Poison legend Richie Kotzen.
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Steve Hackett - Making a welcome return to the Guitar Interactive studio, Steve talks with Michael Casswell about his new album, Genesis Revisited II. Exclusive live session on film + career profile!
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Jason Becker - Not Dead Yet! Gi celebrates the release of the new Jason Becker movie in theatres & on DVD with exclusive footage from the film
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Film Trailer

Andy James - Hybrid Picking Part 2
Andy continues his How To Play Fast Series with the second part of his hybrid picking special.
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Tom Quayle - Tri-Tone Substitution
Fusion master Tom Quayle explores chord concepts further in part 2 of The II-V-I Progression.
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Rick Graham - String Bending
This month, Rick looks at ways to use the Melodic Minor Scale in Rock playing.
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Jamie Humphries - Rhythm Method
This month Jamie Humphries explores caged chords.
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Humphries Lesson Now

New Don Alder Column
Don Alder joins the Guitar Interactive team to bring you a new monthly column in Acoustic Playing. This month Don teaches Percussion Techniques.
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