Rick Marcel: new "ferrofluid" Liquid Pickups!!

Mike Adair - Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups:  
Liquid Pickups utilize a nanotechnology product called "ferrofluid". Developed in the 60's by NASA, ferrofluid is gaining in popularity and starting to be utilized in many different fields.

We use it in conjunction with a magnetic transducer which produces signals to allow an electric or acoustic guitar to be amplified. The ferrofluid has nanoparticles of iron which make it a liquid magnet. When used in our design, it allows the pickup to be a "liquid diaphragm" or fluid microphone. This allows us to capture more vibrations and resonances coming from the instrument.
The full set of single coils.
 This was a totally impromptu test of our Liquid Pickups by Rick Marcel (Guitar player extraordinaire).

Rick was at Robert Hampton's shop yesterday when I dropped by. Robert (Dr. of Guitar) is our main technician consultant in the development of our Liquid Pickups.

The versions here are 3rd Generation with the fluid chambers incorporated inside the pickup bobbin. Rick liked them so much we are installing protos in two of his Strats and one of his Telecasters.
Rich is our latest tester/endorser and will be working with us to bring Liquid Pickups and Fluid Sound Technology to the World.

General info:

- Standard 1999 Fender American Strat with stock electronics except for Liquid Pickups (Generation 3).
- Direct in to a Fender Blues Junior with no effects or processors. Recorded on an IPad with sound and video captured live and unedited.

This version is a modified single coil using neodymium magnets. All of our pickups use "ferrofluid" to improve the response of the transducer. (All prototypes made entirely by Ferro-Kings).
With a guitar, especially an electric guitar, it's all about vibration and resonance. The ferrofluid ends up making the pickup a "liquid diaphragm" or fluid microphone. This allows the pickup to capture vibrations and resonances that are there but not always transferred in modern and vintage pickup design.

Jack Daniels Old No.7 Whiskey Barrel tops
Ferrofluid was developed in the 60's by NASA for use in antigravity fueling experiments and is starting to gain popularity in many fields today. In the past it has been used in speaker/drivers so it is only logical for it to eventually make it's way to the beginning of the guitar signal chain.

Special Thanks to Barry & Vanessa and the folks at Ferrotec (USA) who have been our research partners and suppliers since we began our research in late 2009.

*** U.S. and International Patents Pending ***

More info soon on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/ferrokings

Rick Marcel tries the latest version of Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups.


  1. Thanks for posting this Laurie!
    Here is Rick's latest demo of his first official set of our Liquid Pickups.
    He does a good test and goes through all switch positions demonstrating and commenting.



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