James Williams: warming up - open drop C tuning

My open tuning playing used on my new cd James Williams Eclectic Shred Web Mag cd review

By the time the first three songs on William's Eclectic Shred are over, you've heard some already fine rock. Some of the BEST instruments I heard out of this field all year. Includes guitar playing equal to that of John Petrucci, or even Mike Oldfield, and keyboard work reminiscent of a young Rick Wakeman. Names that are are just not thrown around. None of that three chords that made a million stuff here. These composers today are the same composers and players they will be worshiping in centuries to come. Speaking of Mr. Wakeman, wait till you hear James Williams keyboard work. To be so excelled at guitar, and then display the same talent for keyboards is mind boggling. Listening to this CD makes you wonder just how the hell he did it. Would love to see him and friends recreate on stage one night. Worthy of Austin City Limits for sure.

James Williams: Eclectic Shred

Like I said, solid songwriting, each song an adventure in musical excellence. The CD is an exercise in real guitar shedding. Helps if you like that. Not for the faint of heart. Still, some moments so beautiful, any chick would dig listening. The songs, also a fine example of song structure, of course all a display of superior playing skills. This dude's gonna take off. The super players of now have their warning. James Williams is on their path. Don't come upon guys like this everyday. Thank you Plano and the state of Texas. But y'all knew you could not keep this a secret forever, right? Time to share with the masses.

Rating: Using the one to five star system, I'd be out of my mind to say anything lower than 5 stars.

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