Alejandra Mesliuk: Shreddelicious interviews Argentinian "dos manos de plata"

Alejandra Mesliuk
While choosing to develop her skills in modern rock, Alejandra also draws on elements of jazz, tango, folklore, Hindu, and Arabic music.

Alejandra was born on February 12, 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her mother and father encouraged her in her early years to love nature and respect all living things. Her mother being an artisan and graphic designer, and father a chemical technician had great influence which motivated her interests in different branches of art and science.

At eight years of age, she began to sing in the church of the town where she lived and was her first encounter with the guitar. On her 16th birthday, she received her first guitar which she asked for in place of a traditional 15th birthday celebration. She rapidly developed skills on the instrument and within weeks started playing and singing in church. During one of her rehearsals, she met Demian Planiscig, who invited her to play in what would be her first band which soon would play various shows in Buenos Aires.

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